25% Discount for Military Physician Disability Insurance Now Available – And Note Regarding Eligibility to Apply

Earlier this summer, MassMutual started allowing the use of the federal employee discount for military physicians and dentists. The discount is 25% off the gender distinct rates. The discount is permanent and also applies to future increases with the future insurability option (FIO) rider or the benefit increase rider (BIR).

All of our clients since July have taken advantage of this new discount. Now military physicians and dentists can secure high quality individual coverage with a significant discount, which means there is less of a reason to wait until you complete active duty.

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you have received orders for duty outside the US, then you will not be eligible to apply for a policy until you are back in the US. Since many residents and fellows receive orders to deploy within 6 months of graduating, it is recommended to establish a plan prior to that date.

As always, contact us today to receive a quote and learn more about your military physician disability insurance options.