UCI Resident & Fellow Disability Insurance and Residency Disability Insurance in Bakersfield, San Diego, Riverside, Anaheim, La Jolla, Irvine, CA, and Throughout the Nation

As a resident/fellow of UCI, you are eligible for a discounted, individual own-occupation disability plan.

The main benefits of the plan are as follows:​​

  • NO medical exam for up to $6,000/month total coverage (higher limits available with medical exam)
  • NO financial documentation required
  • Benefits paid to Age 67, – lifetime in the event of presumptive disability (loss of sight, speech, hearing, etc)
  • Protected in your medical specialty
  • Partial Disability included
  • Premiums based on age – start your coverage before your birthday
  • Option to increase coverage in the future without medical qualification
  • No mental disorder/substance abuse limitation
  • Gender-neutral rates available