Disability Insurance: Upcoming changes to expect

At DI4MDs we are constantly examining what changes to the insurance market there will be in upcoming years. This year California residents will endure major changes to the disability plans offered. For females the changes will be substantial due to the fact gender neutral rates will no longer be offered by some of the leading providers of disability insurance, causing large rate increases. The plans offered will also change drastically.  In most states outside of California the changes have already occurred but now we are being affected by the regulation change. We would suggest any female looking to take advantage of lower rates should sign up before the changes take place around October of this year.


There are also changes in occupation class that will take place within the next year. Anesthesiologists will now be downgraded causing premiums to rise on future policies but cannot affect in force plans. We don’t understand the exact reason why they are being downgraded, the only explanation is that anesthesiologists must have more claims than other medical specialties.


I believe most of the major companies will begin making changes similar to the ones we have seen recently. Usually, when the leading provider in disability insurance makes drastic underwriting changes the other large companies follow suit. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us at 1 (888) 934-4637 and we will be happy to discuss any changes.