Family portrait outdoorsAt DI4MD’s we represent most of the major, competitive life insurance companies. No one company provides the most cost effective policy for all ages, types and amount of coverage. Especially taking into consideration health and avocations. Let us help you navigate toward a life insurance solution that best fits your personal situation now and in the future. We will represent you and insure you qualify for the best risk class, taking into consideration your health and avocations.

All polices are not the same. Some provide coverage for life and others cover you for a specified number of years. Some build up cash values and others do not. Some polices combine different types of insurance and others allow you to change from one type of policy to another. We will design a plan based on your needs, risk classification and budget.

Items to consider in helping determine the proper amount of coverage:

  1. Immediate Cash Needs: How much will be needed at your death to pay all bills, final expenses, funeral cost, loans, notes, medical cost, income, estate, and inheritance taxes?
    Do you want your family to continue to live in your home after your death and have the mortgage paid off?
  2. Emergency Fund: How much do you want to provide your family as an emergency fund?
  3. Education Needs: How much do you want to provide for your children’s educational needs?
  4. Family / Spouse Income needs: How much income is needed for your family to live the way you’d like them to?
  5. Estate Tax liability: Currently no estate tax if assets passed to spouse, however, based on exemption, liability exists if assets passed to non spouse. ie children.


Should a breadwinner die, the financial impact for dependents is the loss of the breadwinner’s income. The following will calculate the money needed for a replacement income.
Gross Annual Income Required by dependents:
Number of years this income will be required:
Estimate the inflation rate:
Estimate the interest rate:
Gender: Male 
Smoker/Tobacco: Yes 
Health Class:
 Type of Insurance:

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