Read What Clients Are Saying About DI4MDS

  • I retired at age 50 because of Parkinson’s disease. Several years before that Andy approached me about adding some additional disability insurance to equal my current salary. Although I thought I was covered quite adequately, Andy was very helpful and knowledgeable about showing me the pros and cons of adding additional insurance. I received that additional benefit for 15 years. What a blessing Andy and his staff have been to my family and me. They assisted me in making the claim process so easy and I can recommend him highly and without hesitation. (He has also sent me birthday and Christmas cards for 25 years without a miss.)

    - U.P.

    Mohs Surgeon, Florida

  • Andy made the process of getting Disability and Life Insurance extremely easy. He is honest and truly works for his clients. I would highly recommend him.

    - J.H.

    Ophthalmic Surgeon, California

  • Andy was willing to meet with us anywhere to discuss the policies. He guided us through every point of the policy individually and explained all the stipulations and everything else. He answered all questions thoroughly and completely. We are very happy with our service through Andy and his company.

    - D.W.

    Urogynecological Surgeon, Michigan

  • DI4MDS established my disability coverage during my residency. They were the only company able to provide a discounted, guaranteed approval plan for all the Residents & Fellows at my training hospital. The majority of the Residents and the Attendings utilize their services as well. My policy protects me in my medical specialty, and was the most cost-effective and comprehensive plan available. They are knowledgeable, efficient, available and personable. I recommend them to everyone I know.

    - K.K.

    Interventional Spine and Pain Management, California

  • Andy and his team have been nothing but professional, thorough, and extremely knowledgeable throughout the process of setting up disability coverage. I could not recommend them more highly!

    - D.T.

    Pulmonary/Critical Care Medicine, Colorado

  • I spent a lot of time trying to find another insurance agency that could beat DI4MDS’ cost and level of service and couldn’t. A number of my colleagues spent a lot of time looking at other companies as well and we all came to the same conclusion: DI4MDS has both the best rates and the best customer service. And it’s not even close.

    - S.H.

    Anesthesiology, California

  • As an active-duty military physician, I searched for years for a company that could provide me the amount of supplemental DI coverage I wanted, and I finally found DI4MDS. Andy and his team have been everything I could have imagined and were the only people who could secure the DI I needed. I’ve recommended them to countless colleagues and will continue to do so.

    - J.S.

    Emergency Medicine, Tennessee

  • Andy and his staff have always been helpful and available to me for whatever question or need I have had. I trust their advice.

    - E.M.

    Family Physician, California

  • We shopped around a lot for disability insurance. The rates at DI4MDS were by far the best. We have been happy with our policy and support from the staff at DI4MDS.

    - K.M.

    OBGYN, Colorado

  • Andy and his team have arranged insurance for myself and a number of physicians in our group. He has done so for the past 12 years and I continue to refer him to all new hires. He goes out of his way to tailor a plan specific to each individual’s personal needs. Moreover, even 12 years after I first signed up for insurance he still follows up with me to update my policy to make sure it encompasses any new needs I may have.

    - M.A.

    Emergency Physician, California

  • Andy and his staff have been supportive and helpful in getting my disability insurance all set up! Having the comfort and ease of mind knowing that I have backup in case my physical health ever fails me is a huge stress relief. Every physician should have disability insurance. And if you’re smart, you’d go with Andy Borgia and his company, DI4MDS!

    - S.L.

    Internal Medicine, Nevada

  • Andy was very helpful explaining the details of the policy, and gave a fair comparison to the other (products) on the market. I definitely recommend DI4MDS to my friends.

    - A.N.

    Cardiologist, California

  • Andy helped us understand our disability insurance needs. Enrollment was easier than expected as he was able to come to our home, at a convenient evening time.

    - S.B.

    Oncologist, California

  • Andy and his staff have been extremely helpful. He helped me obtain disability insurance prior to leaving residency, which was great in terms of obtaining a solid policy. Whenever I have a question or a need, they are there for me.

    - A.M.

    Psychiatry, California

  • Andy and his staff were very knowledgeable, thorough, and easy to work with throughout the entire process of establishing my disability insurance. I highly recommend their service.

    - B.F.

    Anesthesiologist, California

  • I found DI4MDS extremely helpful in setting up my first disability policy. Andy and his staff found the plan that fit perfectly for all of my needs, and were quick to respond to any questions I had. They are very knowledgeable in regards to the policies themselves. I would recommend DI4MDS to anyone who would like friendly, personalized service.

    - J.S.

    Orthopedic Traumatologist, California

  • I am very pleased with the disability policy that Andy helped me establish. I have recommended him to many of my colleagues who have subsequently worked with him as well. There’s nothing more gratifying than knowing that your life and livelihood will be in good hands in unexpected circumstances. Thank you.

    - S.M.

    Emergency Physician, California

  • Andy and his team at DI4MDS have been superb. He initially came to speak with me when I was a graduating senior resident at UCSD and offered a plan that would not only keep premiums low at an early age but also help avoid a lengthy medical exam. He gave me all the options for disability insurance in a personalized fashion and has now allowed me to expand coverage as my income has grown 2 years into private practice. Andy is knowledgeable, personable, and highly professional. I would recommend Andy and his team if you want to protect your career and livelihood from a potentially life-changing and financially devastating disability. Thank you so much for your expertise!

    - K.T.

    Ophthalmologist, California

  • Andy is very knowledgeable about disability insurance and a true professional. I’ve recommended him to many of my colleagues who have also had very positive experiences working with him.

    - M.Z.

    Hospitalist, California

  • While I’m glad I haven’t had to use my disability insurance yet, I like the security of knowing that if something were to happen, my surgeon specific policy would protect me. Andy and his team have been great about keeping me up to date without being annoying.

    - K.W.

    Oculofacial Plastic Surgery, New York

  • Andy and his team are in a class of their own. I have been so impressed with his personalized service and therefore have referred him to all my colleagues.

    - R.S.

    Urological Surgeon, California

  • Andy and his staff made this incredibly easy for me. Everything was done in my office for maximum efficiency. I’m very pleased with their service.

    - L.T.

    Pediatrician, California

  • Andy and his staff worked very hard to help get me the maximum benefits I could obtain. It is nice to know that they are such helpful and effective advocates for me. I will continue to work with them in the future as I expand my coverage over time and highly recommend them without any reservation.

    - J.S.

    Psychiatrist, California

  • Andy set up my disability program over 25 years ago. I have not needed to use it, which is a good thing. I have also always had full faith he will be there if I ever should, which is also a very good thing.

    - D.F.

    Anesthesiologist, California

  • Andy and his staff are very knowledgeable about the specifics of disability insurance needed for physicians. They are also extremely helpful, professional, available, and responsible. I highly recommend them.

    - L.G.

    Orthopedic Surgeon, California

  • Andy is amazing. He is easy to work with and he is an obvious choice for your insurance needs.

    - S.G.

    Emergency Physician, California

  • Andy Borgia helped me secure personal disability insurance while I was a graduating anesthesia resident. I had shopped around through many agents, and I found that Andy was professional, thoughtful, and put no pressure on me while offering me the best product. I have referred multiple friends to him and will continue to do so.

    - C.C.

    Anesthesiologist, California

  • I appreciated Andy taking the time to explain the various disability policies available and helping me prepare for my career after residency. He is very knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with!

    - C.C.

    Emergency Physician, California

  • I have known Andy and his staff for more than 20 years. They have delivered the highest service with professionalism, and a very friendly and helpful attitude. I recommend DI4MDS without reservation.

    - D.B.

    Head & Neck Surgeon, California

  • Andy took the time to fully explain the disability policies and made the process easy. I would highly recommend.

    - J.V.

    Anesthesiologist, California