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“What you are aware of you are in control of; what you are not aware of is in control of you.”

As a physician disability insurance resource, the team at DI4MDs educates physicians on what they can do to prevent the financial risks of a disability. After hearing stories of group or association plans not paying benefits during claim time as the physician initially expected, and association plan insurance companies changing the policy provisions whenever they want, DI4MDs was created to take a proactive approach with the physician disability insurance marketplace.

The physicians did not realize they were not covered until after they became disabled. The policies recommended are generally non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable with an own occupation, specialty-specific definition of disability.

This means that the insurance company can never cancel coverage, raise rates, or reduce benefits for the life of the policy. It also means that in the event you become sick or injured and unable to complete the material and substantial duties of your medical specialty, you will be paid your full benefit regardless of income or benefits earned from another source. It is our mission as a physician disability insurance resource to educate you on what is available and refer you to an independent agent that will put you first, not the insurance companies.


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