What Should I Expect?

  • 1. Submit basic information (name, gender, DOB, occupation/specialty, etc)
  • 2. Since we represent multiple companies, we will do a market search to obtain your plans.
  • 3. We will email you a plan comparison.
  • 4. A broker from our office will contact you to review your plan options.

Once you have reviewed your options and have decided you would like to proceed:

  • 1. Complete application over the phone. Financial documentation and medical exam typically required.
  • 2. We will send you your password protected application for review and signature.
  • 3. An examiner will contact you to schedule an exam at your home or office at your convenience.

Once you take the medical exam, provide us with financial documentation, and we have the complete application, we will submit the application to the chosen company. The underwriting process will then begin.

  • 1. Expect 4 to 8 weeks for the underwriting process to complete. We will work to ensure that you receive the policy as applied for.
  • 2. Once approved, we schedule a time to thoroughly review the policy and answer any questions.
  • 3. You decide if you want to take the policy or change any of the provisions.

If you decide to take the policy, we will e-deliver or mail you the policy and you remit premium or complete the bank form to place the coverage in effect.