Guaranteed Issue Disability Plans

By: Danny Roth at DI4MDs

At DI4MDs, we believe in approaching personal finance like a physician approaches medicine; based on science, compassion and with your financial health as our primary concern. We are disability insurance specialists, and focus solely on shopping the most competitive plans for residents and fellows nationwide. As an exiting resident or fellow, this is the most crucial time in your life to protect what you have worked so hard to achieve. The countless hours of dedicated practice in your field and thousands of dollars spent to receive a quality medical education could be extinguished with one disability. Many people don’t realize how easily a disability can occur especially while living such an active lifestyle. Physicians, like the population in general, have a 1 in 3 chance of becoming disabled at least once in their career*. Majority of disabilities aren’t injuries, 70% of all disabilities are caused by illness. For residents & fellows at UCSD we offer gender neutral plans discounted 15%. And locked in for the rest of your career. For men the discount is substantial, but for women the discount is even greater due to the fact that disability insurance for women is far more expensive. The discount for women would save about 40% compared to other company’s offers. Disability insurance is also the only insurance that pays you in the event of disability making it extremely difficult to obtain. Medical exams are almost always required but if you establish your plan with UCSD or UCI no medical exams are required and there will be no exclusions on the policy. We have access to discounted pre-approved disability plans ant UCSD and UCI and other teaching hospitals throughout the country.

*Information provided by The Council for Disability Awareness