New MetLife Disability Insurance for Physicians


It has been just over 2 weeks since the new MetLife disability insurance for physicians was approved in California. The new policy is called “Income Guard” and is very similar to MetLife’s “Income Guard” available outside of California.

Since then, we have helped multiple physicians discover that their current policy is not as comprehensive or cost-effective. The majority of these physicians are classified as “6M” by MetLife.

6M physicians include but are not limited to:

-Non-invasive cardiologists

-Family/General Practice physicians




-Internal Medicine physicians





For many California physicians, this new MetLife disability insurance for physicians is the most competitive plan now available. The plan is non-cancelable and guaranteed renewable up to age 70. It will protect you in your medical specialty because it has medical specialty specific language. It contains a robust partial disability and recovery benefit provision. There are other unique riders available like the return of premium rider and life event rider.

All physicians in California should sit down with a physician disability insurance professional to review the new MetLife disability insurance for physicians plan with any current plan they might have.