Physician Disability Insurance Contracts

Similar to how you spend the majority of your time studying medicine, we spend the majority of our time studying physician disability insurance contracts. This is because we are the ones you call when you become disabled. Ee do not want to tell you that you are not eligible for benefits.

This is why we recommend only the most comprehensive and robust policies unless the cost difference is significant. You will not be happy saving $10-20 a month if your claim gets denied due to a limited contract.

The following language can sometimes be found in the definition of “total disability” or “usual occupation

-“not employed”

-“any occupation”

-“reasonably be expected”

-“perform satisfactorily”

-“in light of”

-“your age”




-“station in life”

-“physical and mental capacity”

In some contracts, if the insured is not employed at time of claim, the insurance company will revert to the more limiting “any occupation” definition of disability instead of the more liberal “own occupation” definition.

Any combination of the language above can be used to deny benefits at claim time. As a physician, there are few – if any – occupations that can require more training and education. That means that a physician could work the same occupation as a high school graduate.

The language in physician disability insurance contracts supersedes any interpretation. An agent has no authority to override the language.

Do you want to know if your physician disability insurance contracts has limiting language?

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