Principal Unisex Rates for Physician Disability Insurance Ending 1/1/2021

Principal is currently the only carrier offering gender neutral / unisex discounted rates for physician disability insurance at many institutions/hospitals. For females, this represents a significant (40%) discount. As of January 1 2021, this discount will change to a gender-specific one. As of now there is no word of any other carrier planning to offer a gender neutral rate for physicians in practice. Gender neutral rates are still available from other carriers to residents/fellows at training hospitals with guaranteed standard issue (GSI) programs. For example, residents and fellows at UCSD/Scripps and Stanford training programs in California have gender neutral rates available to them.

This does not affect those who reside and apply for a policy while in some states (like Massachusetts), since gender neutral rates are required there.

If you are a female without individual physician disability insurance, contact us today to receive a 40% discounted quote before this program ends.